Online Educational Workshops - Project "In Medias ReStart" - Zagreb, August 29-30, 2018

Online Educational Workshops - Project

As a part of the In Medias Restart Project, co-financed by European Union Funds from the European Social Fund, the final training of educational staff participating in the project was held.

The lecture was held in Zagreb at the Matija Gubec Primary School for 10 teachers form Matija Gubec Primary School, as a project holder,  and for the teachers from the Secondary School „Marko Marulić Slatina“ and the Primary School „Mario Martinolić“, Mali Lošinj.

Lectures were avaliable online, in live streaming.

As the goal of the project is to create and maintain digital repositories of teaching materials, in this training we had the opportunity to listen and develop ways to create and maintain teaching materials.

Lecturers and topics were:

Design, creation and maintenance of teaching materials

Functional literacy in a methodical context;

Teaching content and learning outcomes;

Content as a starting point for evaluation;

Are the topics of methodical templates equally stimulating for girls and boys?

Methodical approach to the reading literacy;

Methodical practicum: words written in books - linguistic interference: reading, writing, speaking, listening, watching, indexing;

Methodical Approach to Teaching - Theoretical Support and Preparation for Written Text.

The informations that the educators have brought to us through lectures, workshops and tests after each lecture will be applied in further elaboration of the project objectives

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